A Very Good Place to Start, If Not Very Good

Hi there, my name is  Nicoli Raymond and I am not a good writer.

There’s a saying that says you have to devote ten thousand hours to become an expert in any given field. I’ve heard the adage applied to writers as ten thousand pages. This blog is going to be my ten thousand pages. (and honestly I need something more productive to do on my hour and a half commute than play Contest of Champions.)

Every page will be completely original material created for this project. So while I may write other content, it will not be counted. This is something I consider important. If I write three pages of a script, but for whatever reason can’t show it, or are unprepared to show it, I want to have something on the blog. I want to make this an ongoing chronicle of my progress.

There’s no set tone or content, so it will have journals, reviews of comics, movies, TV, short stories, really bad poetry, just whatever I feel like writing. Expect a lot of reviews.

The pages will be measured by Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, double-spaced, as per a Word document. I’ll try to post 5 pieces of content a week, but I’m not making any promises, life happens and all that.

Sorry for the exposition, had to start somewhere. I’ll make it more interesting next time. And I promise that by page ten thousand, it’ll be something worth reading.

Thanks for reading. I hope you stick with me.

You can find some of my previous writing here: http://whateveraspidercan.com/author/nraymond/ 

Page Count: One


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