“Pool Party”

So I saw Deadpool. Short review: I liked it.

Long version: I had a lot of fun, but I’m conflicted about whether the movie was actually good. Don’t get me wrong; it’s a good time. I had an absolute blast and I think that’s all I could have asked from it. It was the movie it needed to be.

Reynolds, Baccarin were hilarious and heartfelt. Their chemistry is not just solid, but believable. Baccarin’s positive portrayal as a sex worker, and a developed character was a refreshing surprise. Actually all of the female characters were memorable, if two of them aren’t developed.

I’m not a TJ Miller fan, but his Weasel was a great bouncing point for Reynolds, with Reynolds actually acting as his straight man in some points. Blind Al, portrayed by Leslie Uuggams really should have been given more to do and that she wasn’t more prevalent is a real shame.

Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hidlebrand) were particularly great though. I was super excited to see the new universe created after DOFP. We only saw a little bit, but the little comment at the arms deal was the only indication that the hated and feared exists in this new X-Universe, as they were flat-out super heroes, at least through the colorful and skewed view of Deadpool. The characters themselves were hilarious with Piotor as the straight man and Negasonic as just, honestly, the coolest person ever.

The writing was sharp but was stupid when it needed to be, and Tim Miller showed incredible accuracy and vision for a first time director , although that may have come with the time in development hell.

My least favorite thing about Deadpool is the fans, not all of them, just the memeing puerile teenage boys who think they’re hot shit. I was one of those, so some of that anger may be displaced. So, the jokes that play for that audience are my least favorite parts, but I think there were only four or five times I reacted negatively (reference unintentional.)

During the movie I thought that Deadpool (the character) destroying the Helicarrier at the end was Deadpool (the movie) “destroying” the safe and occasionally bland Marvel Studios films. But the thing is, afterwards I don’t. It was probably just a little wink at the other “Marvel’ studio. I’m not saying it’s not a shot at Marvel, I could be completely wrong. I wasn’t expecting deconstruction to be front and central, but the reviews I’d read said that was a big thing. Not as big as I’d thought it would be.

Soundtrack was well utilized and the Deadpool Rap was a nice unobtrusive 80’s throwback. It was in place, in character and actually felt warranted. The soundtrack was well done and paced really well. Most of the instrumentals work outside of the movie, which is nice too. The licensed music was used in some pretty clever ways, and I laughed and sang along.

Other than the couple of dumb jokes, which honestly, is a taste thing, I really enjoyed the film. It was the right mix of clever and crass. At worst, it provided a refreshing change of flavor in the super hero movie, at best, a really good time to let go of the lofty pretentions I hold dear and a movie I can enjoy instead of over analyzing. Deadpool is a lot of fun. Go see it.



Oh, on the car ride home, I got to X-Plain Cable to all my friends and everyone wanted to kill themselves. Including me. They’d be better off listening to a certain podcast. Chicka-chicka.

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