Updating: I’m Pretty Bad at This…

So updating five times a week is not a feasible goal. Not right now. I’m busy. I haven’t even updated once since the initial day.

I could always give excuses, even if they’re pretty good ones like last Tuesday to Friday I was working on films for class. The shoots were in the city and I live pretty far away. I’ve been so exhausted from those, plus I had to work my actual job, so if you were looking for an excuse, there you go. Because I need to vent and I need something to write, I’ve decided to write an entire post about that.

The first day, I was just helping on one of the films I wasn’t really working do some moving and setting up of equipment and holding some lights, but I didn’t expect the shoot to last nearly twelve hours. We got out at three in the morning, by the time I would have gotten to the train station it would have been two hours before I would have needed to take a train back. Instead I crashed at the producer’s house. Thanks, Oscar.

I had volunteered to help the team I was more involved in move their equipment the next day (or later that day depending on how you look at it). So I got up early and with only four hours of sleep, no shower and clothes that miraculously didn’t smell, headed over to my school and waited for the people bringing the U-Haul for the equipment, they came like, four hours late, which was fine, except I was tired and sweaty. So we loaded the truck and I left for the train. I arrived home, 32 hours after I left with only 4 hours of sleep. What a time I had.

On the second shoot I had the super cool role as Script Supervisor. I wanted to be listed as Script Girl, but ultimately I figured it might be better not to. That night I finalized the Continuity log I made on Excel, but it was pretty ugly and I decided to use a printed template because I wanted to look professional.

The actual days of shooting were fine, went off with only one problem on my end, and I’ll get back to that. The shoots went smoothly and our team gelled really well. It was one of the better managed sets I’ve worked on. I would have like to have done more continuity work, but what I did was fun too. Afterwards, I was exhausted, but I had a good time, met some new people, made some connections, and helped out.

At the end of the shoot, I typed up the logs even though I had them written out, which turned out to be a good thing. They were left on set after I handed them off. So me doing a little extra saved my work. Yay, me.

I still had to go to my real job twelve hours after the final shoot! I got sleep, but I was dead tired, so I didn’t do much writing on Saturday and Sunday. After work, I just rested.

On Monday, I worked on the first draft of a pilot I’ve been thinking about for years. I finished it Tuesday. I’m really proud I actually finished it. If you’ve known me for a while, yes. It’s that pilot. It’s significantly different than the original idea, with almost the exact opposite message. Surprisingly little of the story needed to change, just some dialogue and the characters interactions. It’s pretty bad right now, but I feel it has some solid seeds in it. I just have to farm it out. It’s pretty personal to me, so it’ll get shown when I feel it’s ready.

I remain committed to the idea of this blog, so I’ll keep posting. I’ll keep it up for as long as it takes, even if there is no set schedule.

(This is unedited, so pardon of it seems rushed. I did say I’d use this blog as a journal and here I am. Using it as a journal.)

Total Pages: 5 1/4


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