Stay Hungry

A really fantastic mixtape, Watch the Stove, was dropped earlier yesterday (April 1st). It deals with the hunger that people feel, both literally and metaphorically. The hunger that you feel to escape your surroundings, to express yourself, to become more than your situations allow. The various artists talk about their specific hunger and why they feel like they can be more. They each just need one thing.

It deals with how people perceive you when you fulfill that hunger in ways that others might deem peculiar (Crazy).

It deals with comfort and how to find it inside yourself and your world when you don’t have much. (Food for Your Soul.)

It provides a lot of food for thought. I take the topics they bring up for granted. I’m privileged and it’s good to be reminded of that. It’s a really interesting compilation really worth a listen. I think it will become a conversation topic at the dinner table for weeks to come.

Listen to Watch the Stove here.

Nicoli Raymond is a writer based out of Illinois. He writes scripts, short stories, and articles on pop culture. He wrote this in five minutes at midnight. He tweets at @NicoliRaymond Contact him at .  His favorite song from the mixtape is Feed the Streets.


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