Comic Reviews for the Week of April 13th

All-New All-Different Avengers #8-Mark Waid (W) Adam Kubert (A) Various (C)

I was a little lost because I didn’t pick up Uncanny Avengers #8, but everything made sense by the end. Apparently, I missed quite a bit as the villains had all broken loose, Maria Hill was nowhere to be seen and the Avengers had been mind wiped. So definitely buy that one first if you’re intent on following Standoff.

I’m troubled by the same problems that I’ve had with the rest of the series. Waid is a marvelous writer, as is evident by literally everything else he does, but I’m not enjoying this as much as I was hoping. The character work is in the series is good. The Vision, Nova, and Ms. Marvel are particularly compelling. But there’s not enough of it. The book has established its tone, but I have no idea what that is.

The Nick Spencer chapters of the crossover have been tremendous and while he’s writing two Captain America series and Ant-Man right now, I hope he’ll someday get to write the main Avengers book.

Adam Kubert’s art was fine; I wasn’t particularly impressed by it. Not to say it was but and there were lots of fun little things, but I just wasn’t super impressed. He’s talented and there were some cool layouts though. I think the inks were a little off on some pages, because it seemed more sharp than I’m used to seeing from him. As for the colorists, I couldn’t tell which ones did which pages, and the colors were just fine.

This continues to be a series, I keep looking forward to getting better and it doesn’t. Even with all of that said, I am excited for the Standoff finale and I’m excited for next issue and the All-New Wasp.

Guardians of the Galaxy #7- Brian Michael Bendis (W) Valerio Schiti (A) Richard Isanove (C)

Wait…didn’t Bendis do this same storyline a year ago? But much less fun? There have been two or three “The Guardians aren’t together at the moment and then one or several of them are captured stories.” And it’s starting to become a running motif. Which would be fine if it weren’t every other story arc.

Bendis’ character work and dialogue had me grinning thought the whole issue, so I wasn’t actually disappointed. I do hope this is a short arc and the last of it’s kind for a while. A long while. I likrd the character’s acknowlagement of the frewuncy in which this kind of stuff happens.

Rocket is a character that changes depending on the artist’s style and Schiti’s rocket is a ton of fun. A furball of energy waiting to explode, or rather explode you. The different aliens have different postures and that’s a cool touch.

The colors for this series, by Richard Isanove, have been distinctive the entire time Schiti has been working on this book and man, I’ve been digging them so much. Space is dusky and reddish and the barren planets are so full of color.

I’m excited to see the relationship between Agent Venom and Groot next issue, but I’m kind of hoping we’ll get back to Kitty and Peter soon. (I love the StarKat relationship, but there’s some serious problems with it.

A-Force #4– Kelly Thompson and G.Willow Wilson (W) Jorge Molina (A) Laura Martin (C)

I really have a problem with “getting the team together arcs.” If you’re reading single issues, I feel they can last too long. Although it’s only four issues, I thought it could be less. There’s a lot of cool character stuff and the women really interact with each other well. This one is fun and sets up a lot of really cool stuff for the future. I am really interested in Antimatter becoming more than what he was in this arc. Although a strawman fighting for his life is a pretty great first villain for this book.

Jorge Molina’s art is the part of the series I look forward to most every month. It’s gorgeous and the colors only enhance it. It is by far, the best-looking Avengers book right now.

A-Force is a fun book. The characters are a delight, the banter is witty, and the art is immaculate perfection. I’m really excited for the new direction starting next issue; it looks like a lot of fun, more in line with Kelly Thompson’s other series, Jem and the Holograms. Go pick up Jem and go pick this up.

Mockingbird #2-Chelsea Cain (W) Kate Niemczyk (A) Rachelle Rosenbuerg (C)

Okay, this was fun, I love this series a lot. Only two issues in and Chealsa Cain, Kate Nienczyk and Rochelle Rosenberg have made one of the most purely fun series Marvel is putting out. I’m really excited to see how these single-issue stories tie into the mystery of the first issue.

The highlight was obviously naked Hunter and the shock collar. Look. This is one of those books I don’t want to talk about to much because you should just be reading it. So go do that.

All-New X-Men # 8– Dennis Hopeless (W) Paco Diaz (A) Rachelle Rosenberg (C)

It was an intersesting diversion from the rest of the series. Hank McCoy’s struggles to feel relevant have been an underlying theme for the series and as the only member of the O5 (O4?) to not be highlighted in the book yet. Seeing Hank turn to magic shows just entirely how desperate he is. Hopeless’ work on the characters in this series has been particularly deft and there have been a lot of great teenager moments.

I liked in Hank identified the problem that’s been plaguing the magic in the Marvel Universe since Secret Wars ended. The whole of the interactions between Hank and Strange were great as these were two men who were not as different as Hank thinks they are. I like that although Strange has been deaged, he’s still very much the same person he was before and I like him mentoring Young Hank considering that Strange and the elder Hank were both on the Defenders.

Paco Diaz’s art was good. There were some particularly interesting layouts. I actually wasn’t expecting it. The solicit I had read said Bagley would be doing the art, so I was surprised at it. It provides a nice gap between Bagley’s art in All-New and Bachalo’s art in Doctor Strange.

It was a nice palate cleanser before Apocalypse Wars starts next week. Looking forward to it. All-New is still the best mainstream universe X-Book.

X-Men 92 #2-Chris Sims and Chad Bowers (W) Alti Firmansyah (A) Matt Milla (C)

If you like superhero comics you should be reading this. Sims and Bowers have a fantastic understanding of the medium, genre, and decade that really benefits their book.

It’s a really fun and sometimes book in the smartest way.

The art is great Alti Firmansyah draws the perfect Vampire Bear. Her art is energetic and fun and just the best.

There was a printing error with all of the copies I checked out, so that was a bumer. The ink wasn’t centered very well. It looked like it was meant to be 3D, which would be a fitting gimmick for the book if it were intentional. The colors were good and bright and very 90’s.

Also Sexy Draculas.

Spider-Gwen #7-Jason Latour (W) Bengal (A) Rico Renzi (C)

I still really like Jess and Gwen’s relationship. I really , really like Jess interacting with Captain Stacy and the sense of normaility that he and Gwen have worked up over time. The differences between Earths 65 and 616 have always been one of the most fun/disturbing parts of the series, but we’re getting more than normal, and that’s probably because our non-Gwen leads are new to this world, and like the reader discovering new things about it. It’s and effective and interesting way to build the world around Gwen.

want the band to show up more, they’ve been on the edge of the series since the relaunch, I feel like Rodruigezs’ last arc will feature them more prominently, but we’ll see.

Bengal has their own style, but it fits in with Robbie Rodreigez’s art for the rest of the series and Vanessa Del Ray’s art from the opening chapter of the crossover. Rico Renzi provides the same stellar color work I expect and while it’s different than how he colors Rodreguiz, it’s similar enough not to be jarring. I wonder if all of the colorists had a meeting to discuss the crossover and consistency. I’d have liked to have seen that.

I would have liked to have seen what happened to Silk, but Cindy’s exploits will be in her own book next week, so It’s not a complaint. A solid chapter in a solid crossover.

Silver Surfer #3– Dan Slott & Michael Allred (Storytellers) Laura Allred (C)

Saying anything about the story would be a spoiler. It’s a big issue for the Surfer and it’s as heartbreaking as it is uplifting.

Slott and the Allreds fire on all cylinders. I was gasping while reading it. I cried. Their collaboration is the heart of the series and the series is all heart,

I’m eagerly anticipating every issue. Even at it’s darkest, the book never loses its hope or whimsy. It’s exactly the book I want it to be. It may be my favorite series currently coming.

Nicoli Raymond is a writer based out of Illinois. He writes scripts, short stories, and articles on pop culture. He tweets at @NicoliRaymond Contact him at . He wishes that he was a dumber writer.

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