Comic Reviews for the week of 4/20

Jonesy #3- Sam Humphries (W) Caitlin Rose Boyle (A) Mickey Quinn (C)

The story of the books is Jonesy refusing to learn important lessons but she ends up learning them anyway. It’s a nice little teenage book and I like Sam Humpries a lot and I feel a lot about him having a character that is Hispanic and a nerd and not having it be any sort of conflict.

This felt a little looser than the previous two issues, and that’s okay. Jonesy is the kind of comic that I don’t mind being a little scattered. Jonesy is a little scattered herself, so I think she’d approve. Plus, as the kind of girl who makes ‘zines would be in to fast paced structuring and all over the place narrative.

Extraordinary X-Men #9– Jeff Lemire (W) Humberto Ramos (A) Edgar Delgado (C)

This was an interesting issue. I’m really enjoying Apoclypse Wars so far. I prefer my crossovers to be thematic crossovers anyway, so it’s doubleplusgood.

I liked Man-Thing as a horseman of Apocalypse. I just wish he did something. I like the kids. And it was cool that they actually did…something. It ran a little fast but because it was so much fun. Man, all the stuff this week is good. I also enjoyed all the weird sci-fi/fantasy worlds. Very Claremont-y.


Howard the Duck # 6- Chip Zdarsky and Ryan North (W) Joe Quinones (A +C) Joe Jordan Gibson (C)

Why is Kraven hot now?


Zdarsky always delivers what’s possibly the funniest version of the Marvel Universe but, this seemed a bit toned-down from the normal tone of Howard the Duck, which makes sense considering the crossover. Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is much more kid friendly and I wouldn’t want any kids to get any of Howard’s dirtier jokes. You might though.

Quinones’ art is great. Howard T. Duck is just a consistently great book. Squirrel Girl is great. They’re peanut butter chocolate.

Also, I want robocat.


Silk #7– Robbie Thompson (W) Tana Ford (A) Ian Herring (C)A solid issue if a little fast for my taste. I loved Cindy’s interaction with her alternate parents. Seeing Cindy-65 purposely isolate herself from her family as opposed to Cindy-616 being ripped away from her family.

The art was good, once again a good match for the rest of the crossover. Tana Ford is great, I love her faces, and they work so well with Silk so well as a book. I want to see her doing more stuff.

Nicoli Raymond is a writer based out of Illinois. He writes scripts, short stories, and articles on pop culture. He tweets at @NicoliRaymond Contact him at . This was late because he’s procrastinating on everything because he’s terrified of graduation.

Total Pages:25 and 1/2 pages


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