Comic Reviews for the week of 4/27

Spider-Woman #6- Dennis Hopeless (w) Joelle Jones (A) Rochelle Rosenberg (C)

How weird would it be to find out in another universe you’re a different gender. Although it would help with distancing yourself from the alt world, I suppose. Certainly seems that way for Jessica and Jesse Drew. I like that a recurring theme in Hopeless’ Spider-Woman run seems to be pitting Jess against alternate versions of herself. Usually literally. Seeing her dealing with it without meeting him was also interesting. As she’s a single mother, she fights Ellen without her husband. PARALELLS! AND NOT JUST EARTHS!

Jones, over the last two years, has become an artist I really get psyched when I find out they’re doing stuff and Rosenberg is actually my favorite colorist. I love the movement and widespreads on the fight between Ellen and Jess. (Can we take a moment to appreciate how great Ellen is? Okay? Good.) It’s a fantastic team and I want them to do an X-Men book.

This was another really good chapter of a really good crossover. Spider-Women may be my favorite of the three (THREE!) crossovers I’ve read so far this year.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #6-Brandon Montclare and Amy Reeder (W) Natacha Bustos (A) Tamra Bonvillian (C)

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur has a really important message. There are at least three thinkpieces about it, but in case you haven’t read those, the gist is that it’s about breaking the status quo and how hard it is when you’re a gifted child. And a black girl. It’s also about convincing others that your way is just as valid and about finding a place that you feel comfortable. Google to find more in-depth discussions on it.

Everything comes to a beautiful head in the last issue of the arc. And in good dramatic fashion as Lunella gets everything she needed, her biggest fear comes true. Montclare and Reeder are incurably delightful and earnest in their writing and Bustos and Bonvillian’s art is incredibly deft at portraying facial nuance even in a dinosaur.

The Ultimates #6– Al Ewing (W) Christian Ward (A)

This is by far the most conceptual issue yet and that’s saying something.

Ewing proves he’s one of the smartest writers in the business, yet it never seems like he’s trying to tell you that which is exactly what you need. A new take on Galactus, a contemplative Galactus much less, is hard to do and filled with so m juicy themes you’ll be full after finishing the book. But Christian Ward, Christian Ward brings the book to life. The layouts and colors were out of this world, ermm… universe, ermm… omniverse.

I love this book so much. It’s like the better FF runs mixed with Planetary with a splash of Starlin. 

Star-Lord #6 -Sam Humphries (W) Javier Garrón (W) Antonio Fabela (C)

This issue was all of the feels.

As stated before, huge StarKat shipper. So this issue was like candy. Delicious torturous candy. Hopeless would just write this book and play with my emotions forever if it were up to me.

Javier Garrón’s expressive art style is perfect for the expressiveness that’s needed to deal with the most important breakup in comic history. Not only facial expressions (which are super important to me) but also the body language makes everything that much more awkward.

Plus, I knew Peter was a Swiftie, but I never would have pegged Kitty as one.

Patsy Walker a.k.a. Hellcat #5– Kate Leth (W) Brittany Williams (A) Megan Wilson (C)

Hellcat continues to be hella cute. Leth and Williams knock it out of the park again. The fights are fun, but it’s the least interesting part of the book. Not that they’re not good, it’s just that the friendship and legal drama is so much fun!!!

It feels like instead of an end, this is only the beginning of a beautiful, beautiful series. That last page.

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #7– Ryan North (W) Erica Henderson (A) Rico Renzi (C)

I accidentally killed Doreen like three times. I’m an awful person.

This issue was funny, inventive, and the construction was immaculate. The layout was really inventive. You think it might be a “turn the page if you make this choice” but it flowed from each page which is great and following the arrows was a lot of fun. It’s almost like they’re trying to show up the Allreds’ and Slott’s Silver Surfer #11.

I shouldn’t be surprised as North did the hilarious “To Be Or Not To Be?”, the choose your own Shakespeare. This issue was so good I had a few of my friends who don’t read comics, and they loved it. Plus, I’m always down for Swarm to make an appearance.

Avengers: Standoff: Assault at Pleasant Hill: Omega: #1-Nick Spencer (W) Daniel Acuña (A & C) and Angel Unzeta (A) Matt Wilson (C)

Worst title ever, how was that ever approved?. Good comic though.

I really like the Nick Spencer chapters of this crossover, I’m sure I would have liked it more if I read all of them. I think the structure is weird, but that’s once again probably because of the nature of the crossover.

Acuna’s art is gorgeous as always and I love the battle in the small town. It’s a great contrast to the skyscraper battles super heroes are normally in.

Story takeaways: I like the new Quasar, interested in seeing her again. I liked Kobik, but I don’t really care about Thunderbolts, so looks like I won’t find out what happens until it comes to Marvel Unlimited.

Nicoli Raymond is a writer based out of Illinois. He writes scripts, short stories, and articles on pop culture. He tweets at @NicoliRaymond Contact him at . He graduates in two days and you should definitely hire him.

Total Pages:27 and 3/4 pages


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