How (Not) to Write This Blog

If you’ve been following this blog from the beginning, you may have noticed several extremely obvious changes to the blog’s format. I said that everything would be new content and then I went and posted several articles that were originally submissions for a website.

No, I’m not a liar. When I posted those, it was towards the end of my school year, and several projects coming to a head, I felt I needed to post content. I knew I wasn’t going to write anything specifically for this at the time and I wanted a platform for those pieces, so I posted them.

I wanted to update this blog with some regularity, but I had an absolutely killer commute to school, three hours a day, so by the time I finished schoolwork at night, my brain was fried.

That’s why I’ve done the reviews. It gives me something scheduled and consistent to write. There’s a faux deadline, and they’re something I know I’ll enjoy writing. Even if they aren’t vey in-depth (remember the part about me being brain dead by time it came for personal work?) but for what’s basically a weekly exercise that’s fine. There’s also that I give primarily positive reviews. It’s not because I’m an awful critic (I also am not a critic, by the by) but because I buy books I like and oftentimes love. So that’s why my reviews are positive. That’s not to say the books are without flaws, and I think I’ve pointed them out when they need to be. In general though, I try not to dwell on the negative aspects of other people’s work.

That being said, all I can see in mine are the flaws.

Well, not all but the sentence is more dramatic that way. That’s a major flaw in my writing, I like flash too much and I’m not clever enough to pull it off. I wouldn’t say I’m all style and no substance; I try to speak as sincerely as I can. You, readers, all two of you deserve it. The ratio of heart to non-existent pizazz leans too heavily toward the latter. I am one hundred percent sure that will get better over time. And this blog is about change. And what’s more truthful and human than admitting you’re not as good as you can be, but you’ll get better? It’s the heart of every story. I said earlier that I’m not clever enough, and I mean it’s not expressly true.

I am smart. Or at least that was, drilled into me from a really young age. I was super into the idea that I was really smart, obnoxiously so. I now know that, yeah I’m good at analysis and understanding and all of the “smart” things, but not more so than many people and it has been great and humbling. That was like, freshman year of high school though, so no great breakthrough.

I am not super well studied in a variety of topics and I haven’t engaged in as many “great and meaningful” works as I should have, but I am ever so slowly working on it. So that’s why I feel I’m not as clever. Plus, I have unrealistic expectations on myself as a Smart PersonTM.

I have a problem with structure in my writing. Which is why I know it’s so important. A good 1/4th of my time writing is spent tweaking and structuring. Even this a much looser kind of writing, I’ve tried to at least move logically from topic to topic. (I should take a workshop).

I give myself a lot of flack for not being perfect even though I’m only 19. I think most young writers young people do that. This may show what my therapist calls a “level of self-awareness that most adults don’t have” and while that may be true, this ramble-y unstructured semi-journal entry has said nothing about myself or my writing that I didn’t already know. Except maybe that I wanted to share it with you. This is quite literally self-centered and only particular compelling if you’re deeply invested in my skills as a writer. I am, and it’s something I care about and it’s what I’m writing and I’m hella rambling so it’s time to force this entry to have an ending. Nailed it.

Other things of note r.e. this blog:

  • I am not in school and I will not be getting out to the comic shop as frequently. I will still do reviews, but they will likely be released closer to every two weeks.
  • I will probably not be posting anything of length for a while. I am writing a Civil War themed expansion for the TSR Marvel Superheroes Role-Playing Game. As the group I GM for could go on this blog and read it, I will not be posting it until it’s finished. BUT I will be posting the entire thing once it’s finished, or in acts depending on how much potential *spoiler-y* info I put in the module handbook. It’s been really fun trying to figure this out and writing in a style that’s incredibly different from my own. It is perhaps a bit more linear than official modules, but that comes with the nature of being a), a fan made project b) my first time attempting this, and c) I’ve only been GMing since August. So look forward to that.

Nicoli Raymond is a writer based out of Illinois. He writes scripts, short stories, and articles on pop culture. He tweets at @NicoliRaymond Contact him at . He’s usually this self-aware, but talks about it less.


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