Comic Reviews for the week of May 4th

The Wicked + the Divine #19-Kieron Gillen (W) Jaimie McKelvie (A) Matthew Wilson (C)

Wic/Div continues to be stellar. I don’t know what praises can be sung about this book that haven’t already been screamed, chanted, or belted out. It leaves me breathless every month. Apparently out of words too.

Words: Good


Colors: Good

It’s a master craft in comics.

Spider-Gwen #8-Jason Latour (W) Bengal (A) Rico Renzi (C)

Solicits have spoiled the end of this event, and with the spoiler, maybe this cover should have come later.

That isn’t about the actual book mind you, but it’s a little unfortunate nonetheless.

There’s a cool thing Spider-Women does where it bounces from narrative to narrative, actually forcing you to fill in the blanks from point a to point b. It’s a cool way to engage the reader and probably a result of shipping schedules. But at the midway point it’s cool to see the setting shifted over to the 616.1. Evil Cindy is really cool guys.

I am the kind of person who really digs when everything is constructed to all connect together like Serenity or Spectacular Spider-Man or the MCU. That happens in the main Marvel narrative, but because of years of indepenant books crossing over. It’s often nonsensical and crazy which I also adore for different reasons, Earth-65 seems to have the small more crafted feel I also like. It provides a lot of, “I got that!” moments.

Pretty much everything I said in my last review about Spider-Gwen also applies here,

By the by Marvel, you’re hiring a lot of people who have been putting Disney references in their books lately. Keep it up.

Uncanny X-Men #7-Cullen Bunn (W) Ken Lashley (A) Nolan Woodward (C)

What’s up with Warren?

I don’t know what to say about it because I don’t know how it’s all working.

I am only following this for Apocolypse Wars. I’m really liking it though. Bunn is a writer I did not like very much, but I’ve been getting into his newer stuff quite a bit.

I, just by chance, read some of Lashley’s 90’s stuff this week and I really think modern inking and coloring has really helped his art shine. It’s great. Moody, evocative and a bit jarring when scenes change, but in a good way. It’s a solid comic and I enjoyed it.

A-Force #5– Kelly Thompson (W) Ben Caldwell (A) Ian Herring (C)

It feels like the book has completely coalesced together. This is the A-Force book I wanted, the A-Force book I needed, and finally the A-Force book I got.

I reread the first arc last night and it works better as a whole story as opposed to single issues, but I felt like I got a whole thing with this one. It is Claremont level stuffed. There’s great character stuff, really cool layouts, and a Dazzler Thor. It’s just superb superheroics.

Caldwell is a great addition supplying a raw energy that Molina’s (fragging beautiful) line work didn’t. It’s pop with a little punk influence; it’s a show on the edge of mainstream. It’s encompassing and *ahem* singular.

Thompson is a writer I have quickly come to love. Between Jem and then Ghostbuster Deviations I won’t stop talking about, she has a fun, yet really character balanced style and she knows how to give every character pairing a unique interaction. It’s great.

I also love the subtle nod to Ali’s past with the Beyonder. The characters’ pasts are well referenced but never in a way that makes you feel like you NEED o read it. Just enough to remind you that these ladies exist in a larger universe, but they’re the center (see Boss of Space, Secret Wars, a literal pocket universe hanging out with them). Marvel, I know you’re trying to branch A-Force out as a brand, so action figures and animated shorts, s’all I’m saying.

Scarlet Witch #6-James Robinson (W) Maruerite Sauvage (A)

So another gorgous issue, which generally seems to sum up my feelings about the series in general.

The scripts of this series definitely are benefitted by the art. I know, that describes the entire medium, but this series specifically.

The stories are fine by themselves and the dialogue is very Robinson, but the writing is missing something. He brings in a cool forgotten Marvel character while also making both the character, and their place very contemporary.

There isn’t the magic to the writing found in Starman or the brutal whimsy in Earth 2. (I haven’t touched Airboy, so…). Scaret Witch is a quieter book and the art really does more of the storytelling than I’m used to for one of his series. It is nice, but at first it seemed a little off to me. The book’s tone is quiet and contemplative. It fits incredibly well; it just took a while for it to click.

But I’ve probably spent enough time talking about the writing for a book where all I’m doing id contrasting his style with the art. Marguerite Sauvage makes me want every fashion and perfume ad to be drawn by her (She’s an actual fashion designer.) She is also French Canadian and lives in Paris, so it feels right. I can’t talk about that without bringing up how the very real and very terrifying terrorist attacks on Paris echo through the French characters much like how 9/11 affected the American ones. While Wanda is empathetic and cares about the attacks, she’s a foreigner and responds very much so. It’s good stuff. And that first page is simultaneously peaceful and chilling considering the attacks.

I am wondering how many/what French comics Robinson read and if he at all tried to style it in that fashion. I have only read three or four, but those things are dope. I am really wondering about how the scripts look for the series. I feel like the series may be written Marvel style. It’d be real interesting to find out.

These are supposed to be short reviews, but in a week filled with so many books I unabashedly love, the one I’m most interested in is this one, which three issues ago, I thought about dropping. I may actually write something more indepth about this series later on.


X-Men ’92 #3-Chris Sims and Chad Bowers (W) Alti Firmansyah (A) Matt Milla (C)

As a counterpoint to Scarlet Witch and me wanting to write more, there’s some books I don’t want to try to write reviews for because I love them so much. This is one of them. This is one of those books. Everything is “OH,YEAH AWESOME’ in the way your ten year old self would yell it, but it’s done, tongue firmly in cheek, but the writers and artist have the passion to tell it because its cool and because they love it. That’s true storytelling. Move over Shaespere. Sims, Bowers and Firmansyah have Multiversal Draculas!!!

Multiversal Draculas is the perfect intersections of two of my passions. Comic continuity and Draculas.

It’s a perfect comic and I haven’t even gotten to the actual main characters.

The art is perfect as it has been for the past two issues and the Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde mini. I love that Firmansyah is able to adapt her style subtly for each book. I love her art in general. It might be my ideal level of cartooniness. I love it and Matt Milla’s colors work perfectly and there’s no printing errors this time!

Full disclaimer, I am a fan of Sims’ writing and have read/listened/watched all of their interviews on ’92. I am aware of his problematic past and am willing to believe he’s changed. I hope we can all change for the better. I don’t want to dwell on this, that’s not at all the point, I just wanted to say that as I think he’sa fantastic writer and if somehow comes across it, I’d like to but him and Bowers a drink. I’d like to buy drinks for all of the beautiful people who worked on this book.

Klaus #5-Grant Morrison (W) Dan Mora (A)

This book is warm. It makes me feel good and hopeful inside. Everything is so dashing and heroic, you know it’ll all turn out okay.

Because it’s Santa Claus.

It’s exactly the kind of story that Morrison is deft at telling but I’m glad that although hope in the face of all evil is one of his themes. He just feels like he really believes that people are good.

I will turn this into an essay on Morrion if I don’t wrap up, so real quick, Dan Mora’s art is gorgeous and god, I just want every page framed and on my wall.

Klaus is good comics and Yuletime is or should be in our hearts all the time.


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